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Phoenix Bears CARES

Phoenix Bears CARES exists because we care about bereaved parents and their precious babies! We felt like there is more we can do to provide comfort to bereaved parents!

Our Current Endeavor is to Raise Funds to Donate a CuddleCot to the Hospital. This will give bereaved parents the gift of more time with their precious baby who has passed away. If you would like to donate to this cause, please visit our Go Fund Me page. Together, we can help provide more comfort to bereaved parents!


What we are doing and ways you can help us care for the Baby Loss Community:

  1. Donate to help cover the cost of Cuddle Cots (to be donated to hospitals)
  2. Donate Baby Clothes & Bereavement Gowns (to be donated to hospitals and funeral home)
  3. Donate 2.5″ Itsy Bitsy Teeny Pheeney Bears to Hospitals as a gift To Baby (something to belong to baby and to take pictures of baby with)
  4. Donate Hospital Phoenix Bears (7″-17″) to Hospitals for Bereaved Mama (to be given to Mama on the way out of the hospital so she doesn’t leave w/ empty arms)
  5. Donate Pheeney Bears to Doctor’s Offices for Mamas who lose their baby’s early on in pregnancy (2.5″-4″ bears given to Mama by doctor or nurse at the office visit)