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We love hearing from those who have benefited from getting a Phoenix Bear! Please email us at about your experience, along with a picture (can include family members), if you would like to be included on our website & shared on our social media page.

Azaria’s Mama

“Since I’ve received my Azaria bear, I’ve had so much healing. Azaria’s bear is the same weight and pretty close to the same length as our daughter so whenever I hold her bear, it feels like I’m holding her. I hold her bear all the time and take it everywhere. We do things with our Azaria Bear that we would’ve done if our daughter was here and it brings us so much comfort. We even had an Easter photoshoot with her Azaria bear 💛 I’m so thankful to Phoenix Bears. I honestly must say you exceeded my expectations 🥹 I’m so elated! The details are beautiful and captures our Azaria so perfectly 💛 I’m so happy we get to have our daughter with us in some way where we can physically hold her. Thank you thank you!”

Parents of Three Babies in Heaven

“We were so excited to receive our Phoenix bear! This bear is so incredibly special to us. We are so grateful for how Phoenix is helping us celebrate Our Three. Having something tangible to honor them and to hold is so great. Everything about it is just perfect! Thank you, from the bottom of both of our hearts. We will always be thankful for this gift!” ❤️

Adam’s Mama

“When I received my Phoenix Bear it brought tears down my face. When I held it in my arms I felt like I was holding my son again. Losing my son was the hardest thing I could have ever gone through there are no words by how hard it was to deal with, but finding out that I wasn’t alone did help. I lost my son at 32 weeks due to a true knot. He weighed 2lb 3.8 oz, and finding out that Holly could make a bear that would feel like my son made me so happy. Having this bear brings me such comfort and happiness and I can’t thank Holly enough for making it for me.”

Kyzer’s Parents

“Nothing in life has ever been harder than losing our child before we even got the chance to hold him. The second hardest has to be explaining to our daughters what happened to their little brother. But our custom made Phoenix Bear has helped us with our loss, and our grieving. Not only is it something for my wife and I to look at every time we are sad or miss him, but it is also the girls symbol of their little brother. It is amazing quality and the four of us are amazed and in awe over it. Nothing will ever bring our son back, but this is one of the few things that we have to honor him and we will forever cherish it.”

Juniper’s Mama

“When my husband and I received our Phoenix Bear, it brought tears to our eyes. We have both held and snuggled the bear and love how it is the same weight that our baby girl, Juniper, was. When I close my eyes while I am holding it, it takes me back to what the feeling was when I got to hold my baby girl. That feeling is so, so special. We also received a birth certificate along with our bear and I thought that was so amazing since our Juniper was stillborn and we never got a birth certificate for her. Everything was so thoughtfully and carefully done and I am just so thankful to have received such an amazing gift in memory of our daughter.”

Asher’s Mama

Thank you so much 😊  he’s so Beautiful! My oldest son couldn’t believe how heavy his baby brother was at birth. It is a beautiful memory & keepsake of our angel Asher!

Madyson’s Mama

“I am so in love with my Madyson bear!
Holly is the most caring, compassionate person and I am so happy to have met her! My family and I have a little more peace having our bear! 

She is beautiful and I can’t say thank you enough! I miss my daughter more than I can even describe, as soon as I got my Madyson Bear I was so emotional but I felt at peace! 

Thank you again!”

Zane’s Mama

“I lost my son, Zane Alexander at 40 weeks due to a 2 true knots in his cord on June 27th, 2022. His dad & I were devastated to see him go but we were glad we got to spend 2 days with him in the hospital before I was discharged. I heard about Phoenix Bears from a support group that I am apart of and I am so glad I found it when I did. My bear means so much to me especially being able to hold something that is the same weight as my son.  I love it, thank you so much!”

Aariz’s Mama

“Thank you sooooo much! This is beyond perfect! I am in tears with how perfect this is. You guys are amazing for doing this for bereaved parents. You have no idea how much this means to us. We recently moved to CA and our son is buried in VA and so it always makes me sad that he is so far away. He would have been 8yrs old this year and this just brought us so much happiness after receiving it today. Holding this bear makes me feel like he is still with me. Thank you!!”

Jordan’s Parents

“Our Jordan Bear arrived at a time we needed. Our sweet Angel Jordan Michael Paul was born sleeping 11/2/23. His umbilical cord was wrapped around five times. Our hearts are forever broken but to be able to feel the weight of our Angel again is priceless. Jordan Bear will forever be our companion and comfort. We are forever grateful 💙”

Emersynn’s Mama

“When I received my Emersynn bear, I was instantly brought to tears.  It is such a perfect representation of my sweet girl and fills my empty arms. I am so glad that I found Phoenix Bears!  The majority of organizations couldn’t gift a bear to me because Emersynn was older than a year old, though still very much the size of a baby. You are doing amazing things by bringing comfort to bereaved families. Thank you so much!”

Nicholas Max’s Mama

“I finally have a shelf dedicated to my angel baby Nicholas Max. Feb 28th was his due date in 2022. I’m absolutely thankful for my Phoenix bear.”

Malaika’s Mama

“I got the bear! And I absolutely love her!!! 💜 Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into making it for me! It’s amazing what u do and so appreciated!
I was 18 weeks 2days pregnant when I lost her.. I went into my OB appointment a couple weeks prior but couldn’t get the gender so I went back on 1-4-23. I was told me they can’t find a heartbeat..she was born sleeping on 1-9-23.
I put Malaika’s urn next to the bear! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me!”

Kaine’s Mama

“I love my Kaine bear it brings me soo much comfort to hold. So thank you phoenix bears! 🥰🪽

Jonah’s Mama

“We received our Jonah Bear. I can’t stop holding him. I got to hold my son for 34 hours after delivering him utilizing the cooling cots at the hospital. Those hours of singing, dancing, talking, coloring and so much more… are irreplaceable. Holding my Jonah bear takes me back to that time in the hospital. That time with my precious baby boy.”

Breeana’s Mama

“So very thankful to have Breeana Bear home. She is so beautiful! My family and I absolutely love her 🤍🤍

Jonathan’s Mama

“Thank you for this incredible gift… Our Jonathan Bear. The details… It means so much to me and my husband. Thank you for how you honor Phoenix by serving other families like ours. There really are no words sufficient to say thank you for the care and details that went into this treasure.”

Ezra’s Mama

“Our Ezra Bear is so perfect! It’s Ezra’s exact weight – what an amazing company this is! The kids have all been taking turns snuggling him already! 😭❤️❤️❤️thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Mommas of angels get ahold of them and get one because it brought me so much comfort – I will sleep with him every night 😭😭😭❤️❤️

Levi’s Mama

“Thank you for my Levi bear! It is so nice to have him here for Levi’s first birthday in Heaven. Today we took pictures in the bluebonnets. He’s perfect!! Thank you!! 💙💙💙

Phoenix’s Mama

“When I first held my Phoenix Bear that was weighted to my baby’s weight, I cried. To feel the weight of my precious Phoenix again in my arms, all 5 lbs and 4 oz, was such a special moment, it’s hard to describe. It’s something you have to feel to believe. I love to hold, rock, and love on my sweet little bear. It doesn’t take away the pain of losing my baby, but it has brought us a little comfort, especially on the harder days.

We bring our Phoenix Bear with us to family gatherings (holidays and celebrations) to represent our precious boy who is in Heaven. The cousins carry him around so he’s included. And our Phoenix Bear is always in the family pictures.”

Hailee’s Mama

“I absolutely love our bear!!
She is beautiful and brings peace of mind to our home.”