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Friends of Phoenix Bears

We want to take this space to say a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who has donated time, skills, money, bears, thread, needles, shipping labels, and material to Phoenix Bears! Thank you so very much for your support and for helping make Phoenix Bears a reality! May God bless you tenfold for being a blessing to us and to other bereaved families!

Karen Burns handmade preemie shirts4
Karen Burnscut & sewn inserts200
Erika Daviscut inserts225
Ellen Combrinkpack of 7 base bears1
Ellen Combrinkpack of 4 Taggys1
Ellen Combrinkpack of 4 animal loveys1
Britney Hollowaypack of 2 Taggys1
Britney Hollowaypack of 4 animal loveys2
Craig Ovadia pack of 4 animal loveys2
Courtney & Corey Barlowpack of 4 animal loveys1
Brenda Walshcrocheted baby hats with teddy bear ears16
Maria Rangel$551
Lori Beth Blaneybase bear1
Aurora Griffon $2001
Moris Morerria$204.771
Kimberly Scullion$501
Sarah Roland$1001
Melissa Hall$251
Casandra Leslie$201
Richard Lutz$251
Rebecca Mendoza$501
Jessica Robinson$501
Aaron Porter$5001
Megan Smith$5.231
Craig Ovadia$1001
Melissa Jill$1001
Kate Droster$551
Terry Sternad$521
Christina Sharp$551
Sally Hibbardpack of 4 loveys1
Elizabeth Bruffey$701
Ellen Combrinkpack of 4 loveys2
Janis Munozcrocheted baby hats with teddy bear ears14
Dwayne & Traci Keiffer$2501
Craig Ovadia base bears5
Kelly Bidlespacherpack of 12 pre-wound bonnins1
Kelly Bidlespacherbase bears2
Kim Tuckerbase bear1
Jennifer Lynne32oz bag of Poly-Fil1
Craig Ovadia32oz bag of Poly-Fil1
Ellen Combrinkpack of base bears1
Ellen Combrinkpack of 100 organza bags1
Craig Ovadiabase bears12
Craig Ovadiapack of 100 organza bags1
Craig Ovadiapack of needles1
Craig Ovadialovey1
Ava Chapmanbase bears25
Craig Ovadia$1001
Anne Holley$21.101
Michelle Hortonbaby outfits for hospital13
Anonymous tree skirt, ornaments, teddy bear lights1
Ellen Combrinkornaments & teddy bear lights3
Standard Textilepack of PerValĀ® Receiving Blankets1
Erika Daviscutting insertsCountless
anonymousbase bear XL4
God’s Lovebase bear XL1
Ava Napper Chapmanbase bear XL2
Megan Ellisbase bear XL2
Craig Ovadia$1006
Sally Hibbardcutting, hemming, labeling hospital blanketsSo Many
Margaret Welchbase bear1
Staja Moschettaattaching blankets on hospial bearsTons
Kelly Robinson PrewittBase Bear3
Karen Burnscutting, hemming, labeling, attaching hospital blanketsCountless
God’s LoveBase Bear1
Mararet Welchattaching hospital blankets to bearsHUG
Erica Stidhambase bear27
Ina Graham$501
Ina Grahamattaching hospital blankets to bearsHUG
Mark & Jessica Hartleypack of needles2
Mark & Jessica Hartleypack of organza bags1
Mark & Jessica Hartleybase bear13
Mark & Jessica Hartleylovey 4 pack1
Mark & Jessica HartleyTaggy Blankets 7 pack1
Hannah MailletTaggy blankets 4 pack1
Hannah MailletBase Bear1
Jon & Heidi DowiotProceeds from garage sale1
Craig Ovadia$1001
Jamie Franklinbase bear1
Jamie Franklinlovey1
Jamie Franklinanimal lovey 2 pack5
Jamie Franklinpack of needles 1
Marie Gannon$151
Brandi Lanierbase bear1
Brandi Lanierthread 2 pack1
Brandi Lanierpack of needles1
Brandi Lanierlovey1
Brandi Lanierbase bear1
Sarah Westlovey 4 pack1
Becky Cookebase bear 7 pack1
Adam & Jessica Mullinsbase bear 7 pack1
Lorena Agudelobase bear1
Cameron Cahill$501
David Shoup$1,0001
Sister in Christbase bear2
Zachery Close$501
Jennifer Taylor Kunardpack of 7 base bears1
Rachel White$251
Amanda Ruizbase bear3
Anonymous Donation$1001
Jason Christopherson$201
Bev Jonespack of bow ties w/ squares2
Bev Jonespack of teddy bear buttons10
Karen Burns$1001
Marie Baker Gannonbase bear4
Craig Ovadia$501
Elizabeth Primm$251
Charles Welch$251
Craig Ovadiabase bear5
Michael Boykin$201
Barbara Breeding$501
Eric Barbour$251
Candace WoodsFlower Headbands (10 pack)2
Marie Gannon$151
Marie Gannonpack of 9 loveys for bears1
Candace Woods$501
Alice Joubertembroidery scissors1
Alice Joubertpack of bow ties + matching squares1
Beverly Jones$401
Trisha McLeodcutting & sewing inserts50
Marie Gannonbase bear2
Michelle Horton$301
Erika Daviscutting inserts50
Cynthia Edmonds$1001
Jennifer Changcrocheted teddy bear hats for hospital5
Marie Gannonpack of 7 base bears for hospital1
Stephanie Ceseropack of bobbins 1
Stephanie Ceseropack of Organza Bags for hospital2
Marie Gannonpack of 7 base bears for hospital 1
Marie Gannonpack of bobbins3
Marie Gannon50 pack of tissues for hospital bears1
Marie Gannonpack of buttons11
Marie Gannonbase bear2
Marie Gannon60 pack of tissues for hospital bears1
Marie Gannonembroidery scissors1
Marie Gannonpack of embroidery needles1
Marie Gannonbox of embroidery thread1
Beverly Jones$451
Marie GannonBase Bear1
Marie GannonThread2
Margaret Welchsewing embroidered blankets for bears4
Courtney McLaughlin$25 Amazon Gift Cards3
Karen Burnscutting & sewing hospital blankets for bears24
Judy AbsherBase Bear2
Judy AbsherThread2
Avalyn Hermondcutting out hospital blankets for bears24
Craig OvadiaBase Bear5
Penny MilroyCrocheted hats w/ bear ears3
Nichole WallerTeddy Bear Lovey2
Nichole WallerThread2
Nichole WallerBase Bear2
Sandra ZieglerPack of shipping labels1
Crystal GonzalesBase Bear1
Crystal GonzalesThread1
TeresaBase Bear1
TeresaBear Hat1
Kelsey LightBase Bear1
Kelsey LightThread1
Sally HibbardBase Bear3
Ellen CombrinkBase Bear3
Jennifer BettisBase Bear3
Jennifer BettisThread4
Jennifer BettisPack of Needles1
Jennifer ChangCrocheted hats w/ bear ears3
Jennifer ChangCrocheted Phoenix Bears loveys6
God’s LoveBase Bear1
Bev Jones$1001
Kim TuckerBase Bear1
Kim TuckerPack of Needles1
Kim TuckerThread3
Karen BurnsBase Bear5
Sarah CeballosBase Bear6
Erica StidhamDaily Prayers for Grieving Hearts book20
A MomBase Bear1
Michelle HortonBase Bear2
Michelle HortonPack of Needles1
Michelle HortonThread2
Gail Nevarez$751
Trisha McLeodcutting & sewing inserts50