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Reorder ~ Order a Duplicate Phoenix Bear

Reorder ~ Order a Duplicate Phoenix Bear

Did you fall in love with your Phoenix Bear and want to order a duplicate bear for a sibling, grandparent, or other family member? Reorders can be placed by another family member or trusted friend as long as they have the Phoenix Bears ID number from the original order.

We use this as a fundraising tool to help fulfill orders from the waitlist.

You can order a Duplicate Phoenix Bear for a donation of $100 + the cost of your base bear (from our Amazon Wish List). This covers the cost of your weighted Phoenix Bear with attached blanket (+ shipping) AND helps fulfill orders for other bereaved parents on the waitlist.

After submitting the form and payment via Paypal, please send a picture of your original Phoenix Bear to if you wish for your duplicate bear to look like your original Phoenix Bear. While we will try to make your duplicate bear look as close as possible to your original (unless otherwise stated), it may look slightly different as these are all modified and customized by hand. Materials may not be available or may vary slightly. You may also request for your duplicate bear to be unweighted if desired (ex: for a child or so it will be more cuddly to sleep with). You can also request a different theme or color scheme than the original.

We only ship within the USA at this time. Please only fill out form if you have a shipping address within the USA.